For Homeowners

Start a home renovation with a $500 deposit and skip the payment negotiations.

GoBuild manages all the upfront payments to the contractors to ensure you're satisfied with the renovation before you pay on terms that work for you.

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GoBuild is a financial technology company. Banking services provided by Blue Ridge Bank N.A.; Member FDIC

Home renovations are stressful enough. We make paying for it as easy as possible.

Use GoBuild to pay your contractors so you can start quickly with a low down payment and a clear payment plan that doesn't come with surprises.

Easy to understand estimates and project contracts

We work to ensure everyone agrees on the scope of the project to avoid any confusion and frustration.

Low down payments of $500

GoBuild makes all the payments to the contractors based on milestones for each project. You can get a project started with a small down payment and choose between multiple payment options once the work is done.

Simple change orders without any surprises

When change orders are needed, we coordinate those to ensure you know what is being done and how much it will affect the project cost.

A modern checkout experience

Don't worry about trying to track what's been paid and what is owed. Make one simple online payment through GoBuild once you're happy with the project.

All for $0 per project

Never worry about negotiating contractor payments again.