Get the cash you need to grow your business with ZERO DEBT.

GoBuild’s working capital advance unlocks cash from your projects faster. Never worry about paying subs late or floating your own cash on a project again.

How It Works

1. Sign up and get onboarded in under 3 days
2. Submit your first project and receive up to 65% of it in cash upon project start
3. Focus on building while we facilitate payment collection from owners

How it works

1. Sign up and get onboarded in under 2 days
2. Submit your first project and receive 65% of it in cash by project start
3. Focus on building while we handle homeowner payment collection

Why us

Fast approval and onboarding, no collateral needed
No debt, ever. Only get what you need on a per-project basis
Win more jobs by offering a $500 down payment option to prospective clients
Grow your business with less stress and without risking your capital

I used to hate Fridays.
Payment reconciliations were always a stressful mess. With GoBuild, a lot of that stress has gone away.

John, Texas

GoBuild has taken us to new heights!
Being able to get funds early allows me to get ahead of my projects. GoBuild has allowed me to see a 30% uptick in revenue!

Patrick, Texas

Frequently asked questions

How much does GoBuild cost to use?

GoBuild charges contractors a per job fee for use of its payments and working capital services, which many contractors choose to incorporate into their their estimates to maintain their margins.

What am I legally agreeing to?

As part of your onboarding to GoBuild we will review your existing set of contract documents. In many cases we can add a short addendum that would get incorporated into your existing documents noting that payments are occurring through GoBuild. Alternatively, we have template contracts that are easy to digest and structured around using GoBuild for payments. Your clients will sign an agreement with GoBuild that outlines their tailored payment plan relative to the work and the services to be performed.

Is GoBuild a lender? Are the advances a loan that I have to pay back?

GoBuild is not a lender. We are a services provider that helps administer contracts and payments between owners and contractors. Any advances that you request against jobs are non- recourse to you and your business, subject to customary exclusions such as fraud or negligence. When you work with GoBuild, you are assigning us the rights and obligations of collecting payments from your clients in exchange for our guarantee of payment for completed work less our service fee.

What happens with mechanic’s lien rights when using GoBuild?

As part of our contract with you, you agree to work with us in the assignment and perfecting of any mechanic’s lien rights that may be available to protect payment for the improvement work. In the event of needing a mechanic’s lien, we handle the bulk of the administrative burden of processing the paperwork.

How are change orders handled?

GoBuild is set up to handle both small and large change orders that naturally happen during the course of a job. After you have a signed change order with your client, we simply ask you to submit that document to us over email or uploaded into our application so that we can update the payment milestones that will be due to you as well as update our payment plans with clients. If you’d like to take an additional advance based on the change order amount, you can choose to do so within our system using the same methodology as when the base job was submitted to us, and the same fee schedule will apply to the advance against the change order.

What happens in the event of a dispute with the client around completed work?

One of the services that GoBuild provides is a mechanism that helps clients and contractors manage disputes. As part of your contract documents, each of you, the client and GoBuild shall agree that in the event of a dispute over the level of completion of work or the quality of workmanship for a component of the job, each party will first work in good faith to resolve the dispute without third parties. For example, if there is a dispute around a punch list item, we first ask that the contractor and client come to an agreeable solution that can be memorialized and executed as a change order. If the dispute cannot be resolved, GoBuild will hire a third party inspector to come in and review the work and the nature of the dispute. The third party inspector will then be tasked with defining an equitable resolution based on the review of the work, and his or her decision shall be deemed final and apply to the parties. The cost to have the third party inspector come on-site (usually a few hundred dollars) shall be borne equally by contractor and client.

Is there a maximum amount that I can have funded from GoBuild at any one time?

As part of your onboarding with GoBuild, we will designate a maximum amount that can be advanced to your business at any one point in time (the “funding cap”). The lowest funding cap is set to your average monthly project volume over the past 3 months and increases based on the particular risk profile of your business. As you work with GoBuild longer, we will work to increase your funding cap so that you’re able to grow your business with us over the long-term.