Help us build financial trust and stability in home improvements

GoBuild is building the financial toolset to help general contractors deliver high quality work at scale.

Join us in building the financial operating system for general contractors.

GoBuild is the payments company that helps general contractors deliver high quality work at scale. Homeownership is still the best path towards wealth building in this country, and generates significant economic value for home service providers. But providers like general contractors don’t have the financial services they need to both capture economic value and create positive financial experience for the homeowners. As a result, home improvement projects rank second to used auto sales in total number of consumer complaints per year, and are consistently ranked as the most financially expensive complaints.

We’re creating scalable financial trust by managing the payments between all parties. Even great general contractors need help in managing what is a very financially complex business, and unfortunately most existing financial services just don't reduce enough risk for the contractor nor the homeowner.

We’re looking for the brightest folks to join us on our mission to be thoughtful and intentional in building the financial operating system for general contractors and their clients.

If that resonates and you think you can help build our products, team, and culture, we're excited to hear from you!

—The GoBuild Team

Our team of hungry but humble problem solvers

Adrian Calderon
Andrew Hamacher
Software Engineer
Andy MacDonald
Software Engineer
Blake Kennedy
Integrations Analyst
Caitlin Rich
Software Engineer
Chapman Snowden
Cofounder & CEO
Deshaun Baylock
Director of Sales
Drew Barrett
Cofounder & CFO
Hugo Pegley
Marketing Lead
Karla Mieses
QA Engineer
Michael Ta
Head of Customer Operations
Moriah Ozodi
Product Designer
Tiffany Testa
Chief of Staff
Vini Lana
Software Engineer
Mike Balling
Director of Product

Our values

We use an X over Y format for our values to ensure we can use them as guidelines in the most difficult decisions.

Transparency over Speed
While we need to move fast, we also need to build sustainable speed. Sustainability is a function of our transparency in thought and process.
Collaboration over Heroism
Heroes make great headlines, but collaboration builds resilient and powerful companies and culture.
Customers & Product over Everything
Go above and beyond to ensure our product solves problems and delivers magic to customers.
Diversity over Pedigree
Great products and teams require empathy to build. In our opinion, empathy is more often a function of diversity.
Learning Curve over Knowledge Bank
We look for people who can learn quickly and efficiently over those who operate based on prior knowledge.

Perks and Benefits

Prioritizing wellness on and off the clock.
  • Competitive Salary & Equity
  • Health, Dental, Vision, 401(k)
  • 12-weeks paid parental leave
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Custom equipment setup
  • Coaching Budget
  • Wellness benefits
  • Company retreats

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer visa sponsorship?

Unfortunately at this time we do not.

Do you cover relocation costs?

Since we are fully remote, we do not generally cover relocation costs.

When are you planning to be back in office?

We'll likely stay remote for the foreseeable future. However if you prefer to be in a coworking space, we'll subsidize that cost.