Stop guessing how much profit you make per construction job.

We manage the bookkeeping, financial analysis, and client operations so construction companies have the insight to build profitably.

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Get financial peace of mind while you're out building

You create the estimates, and we handle the finances and bookkeeping to make sure you'll be profitable on every job.

1. We Create Project Budgets

You should always know how much profit you make on a job. We turn your estimate into a project budget, then help you keep your budget on target with accurate bookkeeping.

2. Handle Client Payments and Communications

We create contracts, collect signatures, manage change orders, and ensure your clients are happy and paying on time.

3. Make Subcontractor and Vendor Payments

We reconcile the project budgets to ensure all subcontractors and vendor payments are paid on time to keep your projects running smoothly.

4. Provide Working Capital Access

When you need extra cash to take on more work, we can provide working capital for a per project fee as low as 1%. No personal guarantee needed.

Financial peace of mind for as low $350/mo.

We can help build your bookkeeping and financial operations from scratch. We can also help add more capacity to your team if you already have a bookkeeper or CPA. Either way, we know you’re busy, and we'll be a trusted partner to call whenever you need in boosting your profits.

I used to hate Fridays.
Payment reconciliations were always a stressful mess. With GoBuild, a lot of that stress has gone away.

John, Texas

GoBuild has taken us to new heights!
Being able to get funds early allows me to get ahead of my projects. GoBuild has allowed me to see a 30% uptick in revenue!

Patrick, Texas